Cv Meeting
"Ian is an expert in his field. He gives clear honest advice to help you create a CV that really works. I made all of the recommended changes, posted my CV on line and the phone did not stop ringing. I now have an amazing career with the Ministry of Justice and I couldn't be happier. I can't thank Ian enough for everything he has done for me." - Erin from Birmingham

"I was so pleased with the new one (CV) that I tested it out the next day.....lo and behold I received a call asking me to do a telephone interview and today I've had another call to go for a second interview on Friday." - Lorraine from Cramlington

Cv Business Meeting "You meet some people and you instantly recognise they have it, the confidence and personality that comes with being an accomplished practitioner in their chosen field. Ian not only transformed my CV, so that headhunters now regularly seek me out, he offers innovative advice and (don't tell him!) he's a really nice guy." - Colin from Baldock

"The service Ian provided was first class. Not only in totally revamping my CV but also educating me in the whole job search process. Doing it face to face and not over the phone was so much better in terms of understanding everything.  I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who wants to improve their job search prospects." - Jon from Gravesend

"After a few hours consultation with Ian, some work on my part and a number of follow up adjustments, by Ian, I had a CV that I had helped create. It's a professional and true representation of my career in a concise and well presented format. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking for a top quality CV." - Anthony from Penn

"Within six weeks of working with Ian I was actually offered three jobs in less than a week. So I feel Ian should take some of the credit for my current employed status. I would strongly recommend Ian. Thanks Ian for your help and support during what was a difficult period for me."
Richard from Biggleswade