CV Writing Services

How many times you have applied for a job and not had a reply? Perhaps you posted your CV on a jobsite and waited for the phone to ring and yet it never does? The chances are that you are underselling yourself and that you are missing out on the career opportunity.  Let us provide you with some of the facts:-

  • You only have 10 seconds to create the right impression with your CV
  • You have around 30 seconds for the reader to decide if they will invite you to an interview
  • Most people greatly undersell themselves on their CV and don’t know why

The overall value of our service to you, the client, is far greater than simply producing a high quality CV, but there are many benefits to choosing us:-

  • You get valuable practice and an understanding of what to expect in an interview
  • The process helps you to understand exactly what you can offer a potential employer
  • It will help you to prepare for interviews as it will clarify your strengths and skills

Many CV’s just contain a list of a person’s duties and responsibilities, and it is therefore vital that you include plenty of achievements to capture the reader’s attention.   Consider the following:-

  • Does your CV pass the “So what” test to challenge the use of bland and unsubstantiated statements ?
  • Have you used positive Action words to focus on your work achievements and results ?
  • Are you able to include monetary amounts, percentages, timescales or other tangible measures ?

If you can now see the benefits of going down this route click here now for a FREE CV Review